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Use TypeScript to Synchronize Django REST Framework and Vue.js: Part 2

See how to use Django REST Framework metadata to generate a fully typed form in Vue.js.

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Preparing a Gourmet Pull Request

A pull request isn't just code, much like a meal isn't just ingredients. Your pull request provides tasting notes to your reviewers…

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How to Write Responsive HTML Tables (for Markdown Sites)

Learn how to make HTML tables more responsive in Markdown-generated static sites by shrinking the number of columns, or smushing columns together, wrapping column content across lines, or shrinkwrapping the table in a scrolling div.

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Run New and Failing Tests on File Change with Pytest

See how to pair Pytest and pytest-watch to run failing unit tests and new tests automatically on file changes without running the whole test suite.

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Improve Page Speed when Using Google Fonts

Google Fonts are a convenient way to personalize a website's look, but they slow down page loads. Learn how to use Google Fonts without sacrifing too much in page speed.

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Pipenv and Poetry: Benchmarks & Ergonomics II

Pipenv and Poetry are next-generation Python dependency management tools, but only one is actively released. See how they compare in late 2019.

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Use TypeScript to Synchronize Django REST Framework and Vue.js | Part I: Generating API Metadata

By extending Django REST Framework's default metadata class, we can unlock useful information about your API models and export that data into a client-friendly JSON format.

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Create and Publish a Python Package with Poetry

Poetry, a next-generation Python packaging tool, makes it easy to create and publish a Python package.

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Integrate Django and Vue.js

With a small amount of configuration, Django and Vue.js can play together nicely during development and when you're ready to go live.

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Human-Readable Python Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are ugly, complex, dense, and illegible—but they don't have to be. These Python classes can help compose human-readable regex patterns.

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