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Create and Publish a Python Package with Poetry

Poetry, a next-generation Python packaging tool, makes it easy to create and publish a Python package.

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Integrate Django and Vue.js

With a small amount of configuration, Django and Vue.js can play together nicely during development and when you're ready to go live.

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Human-Readable Python Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are ugly, complex, dense, and illegible—but they don't have to be. These Python classes can help compose human-readable regex patterns.

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Pipenv and Poetry: Benchmarks & Ergonomics

Pipenv and Poetry are next-generation Python dependency management tools. This post benchmarks each tool's dependency management commands and compares their ergonomics.

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Build and Deploy a Static Site with Dokku

How to set up a modern static site deployment strategy using Dokku and multiple buildpacks.

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Rebuilding My Blog with Pelican

How I rebuilt my blog using Pelican and improved page load times.

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Writing Unit Tests for Celery Tasks with async Functions

How to write and test Celery tasks that use asynchronous Python functions.

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A Modern Django Admin Using Wagtail

How to use Wagtail to create a client-friendly Django admin interface.

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Writing a Vue.js App in Python

Using Transcrypt, you can write a Vue.js app in Python instead of JavaScript.

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Writing reusable ModelForm templates with Django

How to write a single Django template for every CreateView and UpdateView in your project.

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