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Human-Readable Python Regular Expressions

In which John uses Python classes to write maintainable, human-readable regular expressions.

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Pipenv and Poetry: Benchmarks & Ergonomics

In which John compares and benchmarks Pipenv and Poetry, two next-generation Python dependency management tools.

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Build and Deploy a Static Site with Dokku

In which John describes how to use Dokku with multiple buildpacks to build and deploy a static site.

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Rebuilding My Blog with Pelican

In which John describes rewriting this blog as a static site using Pelican

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Writing Unit Tests for Celery Tasks with async Functions

In which John leverages asgiref’s async_to_sync to unit test a Celery task that depends on an asynchronous Python function.

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A Modern Django Admin Using Wagtail

In which John uses Wagtail to create a client-friendly admin interface for a Django project.

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Writing a Vue.js App in Python

In which John uses Transcrypt to write a Vue.js app using Python—without writing a line of JavaScript.

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Writing reusable ModelForm templates with Django

In which John writes universal Django template for CreateView and UpdateView—and one for DeleteView although it isn’t as exciting.

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A Responsive Blog Layout Using CSS Grid

In which John uses CSS Grid to create a simple, responsive blog layout.

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